Opening of the Atelier En-Fer in the old town of Utrecht

Moving to Utrecht (Netherlands) with Cristiane de Morais Smith Lehner

1978 - 2004
Living and working in Fribourg, Switzerland. Studies of Philosophy and Mathematics. Language and communication coach in enterprises. Commitee of the Art Laboratory Belluard Bollwerk International in Fribourg

1988 - 1999
Foundation of the Atelier En-Fer and work with Cristina Lanzos

First construction of a metal furniture’s based on recycled materials from the industry



Stefan Lehner, born 1957 in
St. Gallen, Switzerland

Fascination for inventions and industrial materials

As a child I was drawing and inventing machines and I collected a lot of thrown objects. Since this time I visit scrap yards and factories and I collect interesting used materials. Searching for a new life of these objects, I started in 1985 with the construction of furniture prototypes.

Industrial objects in our houses

I intend to bring in our houses the sober beauty of actual industrial objects but I want simultaneously to take profit from their former function: a supermarket caddy rolls and can be pushed together for storage (seat, child car, coat rack), a chain tracks and stays flexible (arm chair, bed, couch), a car seat has a good ergonomics (arm chair, sofa, reception room), a spring damps weights (banc, office chair) …

Interior design

These principles are also applied for bigger installations: kitchen (Spain, Switzerland), bathroom (Spain), bar (Fribourg), reception (Bern), office (Fribourg), jewellery shop (Zurich), flower shop (Fribourg).

Serial production and new row materials

For Chesterfield we have developed a recycling ashtray and we have produced 1001 pieces for sponsored trendy restaurants, bars and concert rooms. Later I started to use also other recycled row materials in combination with metals: rubber, wood, glass and animal bones.


1986 - 1st Prize: Tabl’art in Fribourg
1987 - Special prize: Tabl’art in Fribourg
1989 - 1st and 3rd Prize: Plum’art in Fribourg
1996 - 1st Prize: Art Competition for new building of the Engineer

Personal Expositions

1990 - Galerie Delikt in Freiburg
1992 - Forum d’Art Contemporain in Siders
1999 - Designshop „Einzigart“ in Zürich

2006 - Personal Exposition in the Sociale Verzakeringsbank Amstelveen

Group expositions

1992 - Neuchâtel Art
1992 - „Das bessere Produkt“ in Rüschlikon
1995 - Jung Economic Chamber in Montreux
1996 - Craft Council Switzerland in Bern
1998 - Usine Vuille in Fribourg
1999 - Form Forum Switzerland in Basel
1999 - Usine, CAC et EAS in Siders
2000 - Form Forum Switzerland in Basel
2002 - “Stock“ in Fribourg
2003 - “Sägerei“ on the Belpberg

2006 - 100%design Rotterdam
2006 - Woonbeurs Amsterdam

Projects for enterprises and artists

1991 - Reception for Trimedia Bern
1992 - Set design for Dance Performance of “Da Motus!”
1993 - Bar for Music Club Fri-Son in Fribourg
1995 - Set design for Dance Performance of “Da Motus!”
1995 - 1001 ashtrays for Chesterfield
1996 - Sponsor objects for Marlboro and Chesterfield
1997 - Scene Lighting for Music Club “Temps Moderne“ in Vevey
1997 - Office design for Cantonal administration
1998 - Video room for Geneva Fair representing the Canton Fribourg
2000 - Set design for “Théatre de l’Ecroux”
2000 - Furnishing for jewellery shop Riekmann in Zürich
2001 - Lighting, tools and showcase for flower shop Hertig in Fribourg

2006 - Interior Design for Imagemakers Rotterdam