Research Recycling

Under recycling we understand often raw material recycling : old papers, metals, glass, Pet bottles, rubber … to remake new paper, machines, bottles, tires.

Research recycling means to keep former functionalities for a new object. Examples for evident former functions: A wheel is rolling, a chain is tracking and flexible, a jack lifts weights, a spring is absorbing shocks. Being aware of these functions I realized the following objects:

  • A transformer roll became a wheel and balance weight for a mobile rack,
  • A conveyor becomes a strained structure of a couch,
  • A trolley from a supermarket becomes a stool, a car for children or a coat rack,
  • Springs become seat faces of chairs,
  • Jacking equipment lift the light source of a lamp …

In this way I recycle not only raw materials, but also development, know-how, technology and production costs. The sober beauty of a several industrial objects is so much more than decorative and can become, in addition to that, the focus or the background of the “new” furniture.